Server administration for most demanding customers

We provide our customers with end-to-end support of Linux servers. Our services include, among others, continuous monitoring of performance of servers as well as applications and services that run on them, migration of data between servers, creating backups, installation and update of software on servers, optimization of system performance, and elimination of potential threats.

We love challenges and have an enthusiastic attitude to even the most demanding tasks. See us in action.

Our portfolio

Stop worrying about technical issues. Leave server-related issues to IT professionals. By doing this you will save a lot of time you can then devote to other things. Having more time results in better business decisions which directly translate into profit for your company.

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Our customers

Our customers include both large listed companies and small enterprises employing several people.

The benefits of using our services will be most appreciated by companies which:

  • deliver Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions
  • have a complex server infrastructure and need experts to manage their servers
  • need support well beyond market standards
  • have only started their Internet operations (regardless of whether they just want to create a website or they want the Internet to be their primary distribution channel) - in such case we advise what hardware to buy, we configure the servers, and install all the necessary software. We enable anyone to run their business on the Internet.
  • do not have their own IT department - in such case we provide end-to-end outsourcing
  • with dynamic growth are forced to expand their IT infrastructure - we advise on how to improve performance of their existing solutions. If there is a need to buy extra hardware, we advise which solutions to choose.
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